Tap n Play 2016/17 FFA HAL A-LEAGUE CARDS

Tap n Play have announced the release date for this years 2016/17 FFA HYUNDAI A-League Trading Cards will be 7th November. 

Kept to only 450 cases, with 10 boxes per case, and 36 packs per box, there is a very good probability of this series being a sell-out. With the sell sheet and flyer now released, it looks like a great collection, with some great additions to the set, including the great new design of the silver and gold parallels (which we will go into more details about later). 

Included will be 2 Shirt Patch Signature cards (Mathew Ryan and Robbie Slater), featuring a section of a match worn shirt, signed by the player, and limited to 80 individually numbered cards. These are a beautiful looking card, and with only 1 in every 810 packets, will be highly sort after by the high end collector. 

There is also 11 Signature Star cards, with some great names, the biggest being that of Tim Cahill. This was a massive coup by Tap n Play, getting Tim to do a signature card. Limited to just 180, these will also be highly sort after. Other signature star players are Carrusca, Borrello, O'Donovan, Fornaroli, Valeri, Boogaard, Risdon, Carney, Barbarouses, and Topor-Stanley, all player signature cards limited and numbered to just 180 (1 Signature per 90 packs). With each A-League team represented by a Signature Stars card, there is something for everyone. 

Other "Chase" cards in the set are International A-League Stars (10 players, 1 per box), Sharp Shooters (12 players, 1 per box), Last Line Of Defence (12 players, 2 per box), Midfield Magicians (12 players, 2 per box). All these cards will be Silver Foiled Board (SFB), which is a great upgrade to last years design. 

It will also consist of a 200 card base set, with each card also coming in a Silver and Gold Parallel version. These were extremely popular last year, where the boarder of the card was either silver or gold. This year, they have improved on that, with the silver or gold actually ON the card itself (but we won't give away too much in regard to that at the moment, except to say it is a 10000% improvement that will make these parallel cards even more collectable). Silvers will be 1 in every 2 packs, with golds 1 in every 4 packs. Can't wait for these ones. 

Overall, I think anyone who collected last years A-League cards are going to be excited about this years release, and love the changes made to them, and the calibre of stars they have been able to get to sign cards. We are counting down the days to the release date. 

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