About Us


  • Who we are :- Pick A Present is a small family friendly business, who caters for the TCG (Trading Card Games) and CC's (Collectable Cards) industry Australia wide
  • Why we sell the items we sell :- The TCG and CC's is a very niche market, that continues to grow in Australia. Unfortunately these cards are very hard to buy in most towns, particularly single cards needed to complete sets. Our aim is to be able to offer these to people, at affordable prices. 
  • Where are we located :- We are located on the beautiful NSW South Coast, but deliver Australia wide (and regularly to other Countries)
  • How long have we been in business :- Approxiamately 5 years
  • How long we have been running your online shop :- This is a recent addition to our business, and as you can see, we are continuing to add products daily, with literally 1000's of items to be listed on our site over the coming months. 
  • Contact information :- The quickest and easiest way to contact us is via email pickapresent2536@gmail.com or our Facebook Page (see below for Facebook link)
  • Facebook Page www.facebook.com/pickapresent and also on Instagram @pickapresent